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Out of My Blue Mind

OUT OF MY BLUE MIND: What is it about the water that is so enticing? By Krista Madsen– In an odd and turbulent childhood, some rare quieter moments stand out. I have a blissful scene forever embedded in my brain of me on the floor at the centerline of a long w... More »



MICROBE KILLER NO. 2, PART 2: The slow death of the cure-all and fast demise of its maker By Krista Madsen– After dipping into the history of this stoneware gallon jug found in my parent’s basement, I had many more questions to explore which require a part 2: ... More »


Radam’s Microbe Killer No. 2

RADAM’S MICROBE KILLER NO. 2: For whatever ails you, including…all female troubles? By Krista Madsen– Let’s set the scene, 2017: As my dad lays dying in the den of the house I was raised in, my daughter interviews him about his parents’ native Denmark for her ... More »


Mother’s Day is…Not

MOTHER’S DAY IS…NOT: “Moms make the magic,” so give us one day where we don’t have to do By Krista Madsen– In light of Mother’s Day this weekend, which supposedly is a holiday celebrating the moms of whatever flavor, I’d like—after a consistent run of really w... More »


Tommy Willmott: An Elegy

By Elaine Marranzano– Did you hear that ripping sound on Saturday, April 15 as Thomas Bruce Willmott left this world?  His death at age 76 tore a hole in the fabric of our community. The “king of conversation” at the Setback Inn permanently left the building. ... More »

Traffic Is Not NIMBY

I write to address the Nov. 2 “opinion” piece by Alec Roberts on affordable housing in Irvington that pretends to be a neutral Q&A with the developer that withdrew from the proposed project at 76 N. Broadway. The piece, written by somebody who identifies himse... More »

“I Know Who I Am”

The author is Mackenzie P Lerario, MD, NYS CPS/CRPA-p (They/them/Doctor) is a board-certified vascular neurologist, physician activist, telehealth advocate, peer specialist, and social work student at Fordham University with a field placement at the National L... More »


Greenburgh and COVID’s Disparate Impact

By Daniel R. Weinfeld— Greenburgh’s active COVID cases are plummeting and approaching the lowest number reported since the pandemic began. Masks are starting to come off, restaurants are beginning to fill, and Metro North is getting busier. Admittedly the pand... More »


Point/Counterpoint – Matthiessen Park

  Make Irvington Parks Friendly to All by Thom Thacker and Lisa Genn –  We are Irvington residents who are proud to live in a welcoming and friendly community and believe it is time for the policies governing our parks to reflect these fundamental Village valu... More »

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Ode and Farewell to Tarrytown

by Amir Goren –  I’m feeling rather bittersweet about leaving my beloved adopted home of Tarrytown. I’ve now lived here for nearly a decade, imbibing the cozy historic-village architecture and “rustic chic” and accessible hills, roads, bridges, and parks of th... More »


Phelps Opens Pediatric Center

On Thursday, September 12th, Phelps Hospital, a part of the Northwell Health system, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open what will be the tenth branch of the Cohen Children’s Physician Partners pediatric practice, the first outside of Long Island, where Nor... More »


Rivertown Runners Present $50,000 Check

Check it Out: Todd Ruppel, Justin Green, Michael Dolen, and Tom Kucinski of Rivertown Runners and the RTR Outreach Fund presented the Sleepy Hollow community with a $50,000 check on June 11 at Village Hall. The RTR Outreach Fund distributed the funds to local ... More »


Summit on Social Justice Explores Topical Issues

A recent Summit on Social Justice conference organized by the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry and Rye Country Day School explored a wide range of related topics during the full-day event. The Summit examined the important roles that diversity, equity, inclusion ... More »


Opinion – Time to Stand Up for a Free Press: We’re Not the Enemy

by Layne Bruce –  Enough already. The last couple of years have been an unending barrage against the freedom of the press and the practitioners of this noble trade. From being called “liars,” “fake,” and “sick” by irate politicians to enduring capricious and p... More »


Letters – Nita Lowey Responds | Irvington BOE Elections

Youth Voices are Powerful in Gun Violence Debate To the Editor: Thank you to the Irvington and Tarrytown high school students who spoke out in a letter to me regarding gun violence recently published in The Hudson Independent.  And thank you to the Irvington s... More »


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