Castle Hotel & Spa: A Place of Peace and Tranquility

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One of Thann Sanctuary Spa’s relaxing interior lounges.

|  by Fabienne Schneuwly  |

On a Tarrytown hilltop, with a breath-taking view of the Hudson River and surrounded by acres of manicured gardens, sits a picturesque castle built in the 19th century. The majestic building, formerly belonging to General Howard Carroll, a respected playwright and businessman, known as “The Castle,” has been newly renovated and refurbished. Continuing its tradition of providing a deluxe hotel destination for international travelers, Manhattanites seeking a luxurious getaway and discerning guests who enjoy superior service and accommodations, The Castle is now offering the lavish Thann Sanctuary Spa on-site.  A true haven of tranquility, the spa is the first of its kind in the United States.

Ryoko Ado, Spa Operations Manager, explained Thann’s uniqueness. “Thann is a concept generally known and practiced throughout Asia. The word literally means rice, which is the main ingredient of the oils and lotions we use,” she said. “THANN involves more than just a simple massage or body scrub. Every movement is focused on the energy lines in the body and dedicated to help the guest find inner harmony. Our staff went to Bangkok,Thailand for six months to participate in a course about the method. They learned how to follow the rules of Zen which are really important for the right practice of THANN.”

“We are the only spa of this kind in the whole United States,” Ado added. “Therefore, people were a little bit reluctant about trying out this exotic way of relaxation in the first couple of months after the opening.”

Right: Thann Sanctuary Spa Operations Manager Ryoko Ado (photo by Fabienne Schneuwly)
Right: Thann Sanctuary Spa Operations Manager Ryoko Ado (photo by Fabienne Schneuwly)

Nowadays, the spa has numerous guests, Ado confirmed. “The busiest time is definitely around Christmas when everybody is looking for a little bit of peace and tranquility,” she said. “On a normal day we have about 20 people and for this reason a reservation for our treatments is mandatory”.

The innovative THANN Sanctuary Spa differs from many other spas because it takes a holistic approach to wellness.

“Through our treatments and the special ambiance of the facilities, we help our guests awake every one of their five senses. We are not a beauty salon or a typical spa therapy center, but a space where people can find comfort for their body and mind,” she said.

Guests will enjoy the gender-segregated, 8,000 square foot, architecturally calming space which includes, among other services, a sprawling whirlpool, relaxation lounges offering teas and healthy snacks, steam rooms, and a VIP lounge.

“We advise people to come for at least one hour. This is the minimum of time it takes for the body and mind to unwind and calm down,” Ado said. “Most guests stay for several hours or even a whole day. Our THANN Sanctuary Spa is especially nice for people from the area because they do not have to go far, but once they come to our place they will feel like being in a whole different world.”


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