Bring Your Own Kayak Program Likely on the Lakes

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by Barrett Seaman  

For several years now, it’s been possible for residents and visitors alike to rent a kayak and explore the wildlife-rich shores of the Tarrytown Lakes on weekends. The vendor, Hudson River Recreation, charges anywhere from $20 for one hour in a single kayak up to $60 for three hours in a double.

This summer, the Tarrytown Village Board appears poised to approve the use of private kayaks by residents of the village and neighboring Sleepy Hollow. At their June 14 work session, trustees responded favorably to a proposal by Friends of the Tarrytown Lakes representative Paul Keppler to permit registered residents to launch their own kayaks from the same landing currently used by the vendor. While asking questions about insurance and enforceability, Mayor Drew Fixell assured Keppler, “We are looking to do this.”

When and if the new permits will be available depends on answers the board has asked Village Administrator Richard Slingerland to address regarding the need for liability waivers, parking availability, police enforcement and what to charge residents for a permit.

“The board wants me to perform due diligence and assure them that we have a practical plan,” said Slingerland, adding “This is being given serious consideration by the board.” Said Keppler, “I am cautiously optimistic that kayaking will happen this summer.”

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