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All Are Welcome to the Church of the Magdalene

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To the Editor,

Over the last 125 years Church of the Magdalene in Pocantico Hills has been home to dedicated pastors and devoted parishioners. Some have spent a lifetime in the parish; others perhaps just the length of a single Mass. All have been welcomed.

And what is the most significant thing to have occurred during those 125 years? That those 125 years have gone by and the church and the parish are alive and well. How can this be when, during the same period, some of our most successful corporations with the brightest minds have perished? And this tiny organization, staffed mostly with volunteers, keeps going on? This, in spite of consequential missteps by its parent organization?

If home is where you get nourished; where you relate; and where you communicate and grow, the Magdalene comes pretty close to the definition of home. Yes, credit to Divine Guidance, but also credit to the time and talents of the legions of those who have built this place with one selfless act after another.

The cornerstone of the church was first laid in October 1894 and the Church of the Magdalene became the only parish in the Archdiocese dedicated to Mary Magdalene. This year marks the 125th anniversary of its founding.

Many events have marked this special anniversary. There have been “Family Days” at Pierson Park, joyous celebrations at Sleepy Hollow Country Club and The Briarcliff Manor. On November 1st, an exceptionally moving concert was performed at the church, featuring the many outstanding voices and talented musicians of the parish choir.

On November 23rd, Cardinal Timothy Dolan will celebrate the 5:00 PM Mass at the church and help commemorate our big Anniversary.

Our mission statement reads:

Welcome to the Church of the Magdalene

No matter your status in the Catholic Church,
No matter your family or marital situation,
No matter your past or present,
No matter your age, race, color or orientation,

You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and respected at the Church of the Magdalene.

We are a small country church, located in Pocantico Hills in Westchester County. Roads leading to the church pass by rolling fields protected by stone walls. A handful of homes, large and small, a school, two churches, and a fire house are located in the center of the village. Parishioners come from more than fifteen surrounding towns and villages.

If you are looking for a place to worship, a place to hang your hat and call home, check us out. November 23rd is a great time to start, if not before. Regular Masses are at 5 pm on Saturday and 9 and 11 am on Sunday.

Sunday brunch is the first Sunday of the month after the 11 am Mass. Come for brunch, meet a few new people, and maybe run into some you already know. All are welcome!


Edward R. Sudol
Member, Parish Council

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