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Adam Schleifer’s Gun Reform Plan is Our Only Hope

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To the Editor:

I am a member of the Lockdown Generation. We are the generation of students who practiced pulling the blinds and hiding under desks as frequently as we “stopped, dropped, and rolled.” We were the kindergarteners who sat in dark classrooms and giggled through stern shh-es, as we competed in a strange and unfamiliar silent game. We are the students who expect each new school year to bring presentations of the active shooter plan—and who know just how real the threat of an active shooter is.

But most importantly, we are the human beings who are tired of being afraid.

In his recent op-ed, congressional candidate Adam Schleifer revealed his understanding of what it means to be a member of the Lockdown Generation.

Adam has experienced the spine-chilling fear of an active shooter threat, as one of his first-grade classmates pressed a loaded handgun into him and pretended to shoot. He has demonstrated his passion for keeping our communities safe from gun violence, as removed illegally possessed and illegal guns from the hands of dangerous criminals as a federal prosecutor. And Adam Schleifer’s gun reform plan, “STOP” (Securing threats and Ongoing Protection), may just be our only hope.

Schleifer’s plan includes five key actions: instituting universal background checks; implementing a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and other weapons of war; implementing red-flag laws that permit authorities to remove guns from those who are not deemed fit; regulating “ghost guns,” which are dangerous, untraceable weapons made by individuals using kits or 3D printers; and holding gun manufacturers accountable for their role in perpetuating gun violence.

There is no escaping the abhorrent impact that gun violence has on our community. More than 100 Americans are killed by guns each day, and firearms are the leading cause of death for American children and teens. As students, parents, teachers, and human beings, it is our responsibility to elect leaders that will respond to the extreme threat of gun violence with urgency, efficiency, and strength.

Adam Schleifer knows how to fight gun violence and protect our schools and public spaces. That’s why, on June 23rd, I’m voting to elect Adam Schleifer for Congress.


Carley Lerner

Westchester, NY.

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