Construction of Stormwater Pond to Occur Near Irving Homeowners

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A new challenge greeted the Irving neighborhood in November when Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) began clearing and grubbing a work zone to prepare for the construction of a stormwater management pond.
The pond will help control the flow of stormwater by collecting and retaining runoff, project officials said. Work on the state-owned property next to the 40-home area is not subject to the village’s review or approval.
After clearing and grubbing — removing trees, shrubs, stumps and rubbish from a future right-of-way of a transportation corridor — crews will begin excavating. Residents were assured that TZC will continue to implement noise, dust and other mitigation techniques to minimize impacts, including wet suppression via an onsite truck, which will help encapsulate airborne dust particles.
Temporary noise barriers will be installed, and white backup alarms will be on onsite vehicles. Construction vehicles will access the work zone via 333 S. Broadway and will not use Van Wart Avenue.
TZC community outreach manager Carla Julian provided The Hudson Independent with additional information.

HI: Is the completion date for excavation, grubbing and installation is spring 2015? Or will retaining wall construction begin then? Where will the precast wall be built?
CJ: Work in the area has begun and will and extend in general into the spring. The retention pond area is built in stages, and final completion will be at a later date beyond 2015 by project completion in 2018.
How many trees will be cut?
The area abuts the Hudson Place circle. The trees removed are on New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) property along the existing slope of Fisher Drive. The exact number has yet to be determined, but TZC is working to save as many trees as possible.

Will the area where trees are removed be grated to prevent runoff, and if/when will trees that are removed be replaced?
Yes. Landscaping will be completed at the end of the project.

What will be the dimensions of the pond? Will this be a wet pond or a dry pond? How high is the retaining wall?
The dimensions of the pond will be 150’ x 30’. Water does enter and leave the pond depending upon rainfall and runoff. The wall is roughly 120’ x 12’ high.

Was the village Planning Board involved or is it out of village jurisdiction? Will the pond be maintained by the Thruway Authority?
That was not a requirement, as all of the work is on Thruway property. Yes. The pond will be maintained by the Thruway upon final completion of the project.

What other noise can neighbors expect besides chainsaws and white noise backup alarms?
Construction hours for a first shift are 7 a.m. to approximately 3:30 p.m. However, TZC is allowed to work beyond these hours as long as we are not exceeding the noise levels set forth in the contract. There may be times where night work is required, and if that is the case, we will notify residents in advance. Residents will experience general construction noise similar to what they have experienced to date.

Can residents contact you directly? Where can they reach you?
Residents can contact Brian Conybeare (914-524-5444 or mobile: 845-705-3302) or Carla Julian (914-36-0938) directly as always.


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