Vote for Decency over Deceit

 -  31

To the Editor:

The humorist Mark Twain said “a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on.” So true, so sad and so fitting of the current Sleepy Hollow village elections. Over the past few months, The Hudson Independent  has published stories based on allegations against sitting trustees accusing them of discrimination, misappropriation of funds, code violations and improper gains from the sale of a home. Is it possible that The Hudson Independent didn’t realize that these allegations were lodged by the same group of people affiliated with the newly formed Unite Party?  Did The Hudson Independent  miss the fact that there was a political agenda behind these accusations? After various official agencies discredited these allegations, ruling them without merit, The Hudson Independent ran follow up stories reporting the truth. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “the damage was done” and the reputations of good people were sullied. One can only hope that despite the Unite party’s smear campaign voters will vote for decency over deceit!

Margo Jossem Campbell

Sleepy Hollow

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