Q&A: TUFSD Superintendent of Schools Christopher Borsari


The Board of Education hired Christopher Borsari last summer to be the district’s superintendent of schools at an annual salary of $250,000. Borsari recently answered some questions posed by The Hudson Independent.

by Rick Pezzullo

What was it about TUFSD that sparked your interest to work there?

Christopher BorsariI had previously served as the principal of Sleepy Hollow Middle School. During that time, I developed a great respect for the faculty, staff, and students, as well as the community we serve. To put it simply, the people I worked with and for had left a lasting impact upon me. When I had the opportunity to return as the superintendent and to once again partner with the school community in service to our students, it was an opportunity which I could not pass up.

Since assuming the position, what has surprised you most about the district?

Having worked here previously, I was well acquainted with the District so I can’t say that anything has surprised me. The biggest difference for me has been expanding my perspective from solely a middle school focus to a preK-12 focus. I have been very impressed by the elementary leadership, faculty, staff, and programs and look forward to becoming more well acquainted with them going forward.

What do you consider to be some of the strengths of the district?

I think that the District truly celebrates the diversity of the students we serve. We have demonstrated a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our students and enhancing their achievement. This commitment is embedded in the actions and decisions of all the district staff I have encountered. They are very adept and focused upon meeting kids where they are and advancing their knowledge, skills, and competencies from that point. It is a very personalized approach which has a profound impact on our students as they progress through our district. One thing is clear through the data and that is the longer students are with us the better they do.

What specific changes/recommendations are you hoping to implement?

Right now, I am still in the process of carrying out my Entry Plan. I have spoken with and interviewed students, parents, faculty, staff, Board members, and community members. I have been reviewing and processing data ranging from state assessment performance to our budgetary fund balance. This is all being done as a strategic approach to determining what we do well, and therefore must protect, and areas where we need tio improve. I think I could give a better answer to this questions in the spring.

What do you feel are some of the misconceptions about TUFSD?

Not really sure about this one. I think people outside of the District don’t understand the broad spectrum of student needs that we successfully meet on a daily basis.

How is having a police officer in the high school/middle school working out?

When I was the middle school principal here from 2006-2008, we had a school resource officer named Bobby Checchi. He was a great partner and a positive addition to our school community. In my previous district we also had an SRO (school resource officer) and I have witnessed the valuable effect of the relationships and support an SRO can provide to the students and faculty. Officer Yancey’s transition to this position last winter, combined with her knowledge of the students, faculty, and the larger community has been beneficial to all.

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