Public Viewpoints Sought for Tarrytown Comprehensive Plan

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Public input is a major component in the current phase of work aimed at producing Tarrytown’s Comprehensive Plan and Station Area Zoning. Continuing that pursuit, the planners have scheduled a  public workshop on Sunday, September 17, from 1 to 4.p.m at the Warner Library.

The workshops, expected to continue through this year and early 2018, are part of the process to “…bring together local residents, workers, business owners and Village Boards to identify the priorities, goals and strategies to shape Tarrytown over the coming decades,” as described by the village committees involved.

A flyer produced to announce the workshop by Tarrytown Connected, the name given the total project, puts it more succinctly, “Involvement is the key, Your voice is part of our voice.” The Comprehensive Plan is expected to be completed in the coming year.

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