Parking Expansion in Tarrytown’s Business District Discussed

 -  31

by Robert Kimmel  

Tarrytown’s merchants have been at the forefront of urging long sought parking expansion in Tarrytown’s business district. Late last month, they learned that a possible solution might be in store for the parking problems that have plagued the village for decades.

The parking troubles worsened more than a year ago when Citibank closed its Broadway location, and cut off 36 parking spots, including 21 public, metered spaces. An effort by the village to claim eminent domain in court to recapture the parking spaces has not yet been proven successful.

The glimmer of hope for the business owners came at a meeting of Tarrytown’s Merchants’ Council when its outgoing Chair, Theresa McCarthy, spoke about a recent conversation she had with Edward Coco, Jr., whose Coco Management Company, from Tuckahoe, owns a good portion of the large parking lot behind the string of stores it also owns on Broadway. The lot’s use for years has been restricted to shoppers at CVS and several other stores adjacent to its location.

McCarthy quoted Coco as saying that he wants to “solve the parking dilemma in Tarrytown once and for all.” Coco, she said, believes the lot has been seriously underutilized.

He spoke about joining forces with the Kaufman Company organization, which owns a portion of the parking lot, to partner with developers to erect a multi-purpose municipal parking structure. He envisions a wide building, as opposed to a high one, that would house retail stores, and condos, as well as parking lots, according to McCarthy.

Coco has turned over blueprints for such a building to Robert Martin Developers, according to what he told McCarthy. Those plans for a possible municipal structure had been reviewed years ago by Former Village Administrator Michael Blau and Coco’s father, who passed away last year.

At Coco’s behest, McCarthy has shown the plans to Tarrytown’s new Administrator, Richard Slingerland, who, in turn, provided her with information to pass on to Coco as to how to formally present his plans to the village.

McCarthy was also told by Edward Coco Jr. that he is moving forward on plans to establish valet parking at the CVS lot for the public during peak times, notably on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and possibly, if needed, on Sunday. Coco said he has been in contact with ProPark America, a company recommended to him by Blau.

Coco was quoted as saying he was “upset to learn” about the numerous bootings that had taken place in the lot, and that such actions were counterproductive to positive community relations.

Similar discussions with members of the Coco company have taken place in the past without the desired results for the Merchants’ Council.

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