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Inquiring Photographer: What is your favorite Day Vacation and why?

| by Alexa Brandenberg |


Pete Loja, 20
“I like to take my two dogs for walks on the Aqueduct Trail.  I find it relaxing.”








Letter Carrier in Tarrytown
“I usually just stay home, relax, and enjoy the day off.  I like Ocean City, MD, but that’s not really a day trip.”








William Nieves, 8
Sleepy Hollow
“I like to go to the beach by the lake but I don’t remember what it’s called.”








Barbara Eisert
Sleepy Hollow
“I love to go to the city. I love the museums and the galleries in Chelsea, and the restaurants are wonderful.  I have two sons and two grandchildren there whom I visit.”







Evelyn Nelson, 8
Sleepy Hollow
“I like to go to the beach by the Hudson River because I like to swim and I see a lot of friends there.”

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